Rope Access

Rope Access has achieved its aim of being recognized as a safe, fast and cost effective means of carrying out a variety of tasks in normally inaccessible locations, which would usually require traditional means of access such as scaffolding.

OCS is a leading provider of Industrial Rope Access solutions throughout the world. We provide highly skilled, experienced and motivated personnel qualified and certified in accordance with international certification schemes. Our primary focus is the safety and protection of all personnel, protection of the environment & quality service.

What is rope access?

“Rope access” describes a variety of advanced access techniques where ropes and specialized equipment are used as the primary method for providing access and support to workers in their jobs at high or hard-to-reach places.

What are the benefits of rope access?

There are many benefits speaking for rope access. Unlike traditional access methods, custom rope access solutions can be designed to fit various applications. Among other benefits, rope access is:

  • Versatile – rope access professionals can apply the techniques to a wide variety of environments, from confined-space penstocks to tower structures to complicated steel installations
  • Cost-effective – rope access is very economical. Because fewer personnel can accomplish faster completion it means minimal downtime which effectively means lower costs
  • Efficient and Quick – rope access systems are installed and dismantled quickly and require fewer personnel than traditional access methods. Less interference with other facility operations means less disruptions and minimized downtime
  • Environmentally friendly – rope access techniques and equipment has minimal effect on the surrounding environment compared to traditional access methods
  • Safe – independently certified rope access technicians uphold an exceptional safety record which makes it one of the safest jobs in the whole construction industry

OCS provides a wide range of Industrial Rope Access and Work at Height solutions including, but not limited to:


  • Visual and NDT inspection
  • Dropped Objects Inspections
  • Derrick Inspection
  • Leg Inspection
  • Paint Inspection
  • Lifting Equipment Surveys


  • Coating Removal & Application
  • High Pressure Water Blasting
  • Sandblasting

Confined space entry

  • Maintenance
  • Inspections

 Maintenance and Installations

  • Painting
  • Electrical Installation and Maintenance (By Ex-certified personnel)
  • Mechanical installation & Welding Fabrication
  • Bolt Torque Inspections
  • Flare Boom Maintenance


  • Anchor Installation

Recommended Inspections

Rig Inspection – Pre Drill

Drops Inspections

Recommended Training

CompEx 01-04

Rig Inspection Workshop

Recommended Software

MCT Trac