Valuation Surveys

Rig Valuation Assessment

The international standard for valuation of drilling rigs and related equipment is always recognized as being It’s fair market value, but to determine an accurate valuation with the appropriate allowance provided for depreciation and obsolescence where necessary and an appraisal of current markets and demand, professional assessors must objectively review each drilling rig individually

The OCS group has extensive experience in providing independent, objective asset valuations using recognized methodologies, which include fair market value, replacement cost, insurance and scrap value.

In today’s complex and changing Global markets, OCS group understands what it takes to provide an accurate market valuation, as our professional team of experienced and knowledgeable personnel always ensures OCS group has an up to date and in-depth worldwide knowledge of today’s drilling rig market(s).

OCS Group sets itself apart from other such service providers by offering a complete solution to your rig valuation needs based on a detailed assessment of current assets, life cycle and market, based on our methodical and professional approach.

OCS Group brings an unparalleled range of services and professionalism to the drilling rig valuation market by:

  • Reviewing all available certificates and documents for any drilling rigs of interest
  • An audited assessment of the condition of the rig and It’s machinery
  • Providing market intelligence for the drilling rig sales market and advise on trends and forecasts for the industry
  • Provide an accurate valuation for acquisition financing options
  • Provide options for the repair or upgrade of drilling rigs of interest
  • Assist with the design, project management and commissioning
  • Support legal contracting process

Insurance Audits

Oil and gas insurance is a specialist area of cover because of the potentially hazardous nature of the work and the remote regions involved, OCS Groups’ reputation is built upon providing our clients with expert knowledge and high-quality ‘incident’ reporting and auditing services, while also developing genuine and amicable relationships with them by providing specialist resources and personnel.

For our offshore insurance clients, this means not just highly qualified lead Surveyors, but also a genuinely global reach and a long term service commitment.

Offshore liability insurance covers the liabilities of operators of offshore structures or contractors, OCS Group can support insurance organizations by supply expert reporting on any structural Appraisal and Damage Assessment for the following:

  • Offshore fixed and floating platforms
  • Mobile offshore drilling units and associated equipment
  • Offshore construction and installation projects
  • Land rig

With expert teams centered on the industry’s hubs across the globe, we can offer market-leading auditing, inspection and damage appraisal for a wide range of upstream energy risks on demand.

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