Rig Inspection

OCS has over 20 years in the rig inspection field and is the longest established and most experienced inspection company in this area.

With more than 500 Rig Inspections dating back to prior to 2000 OCS is a leader in this field.

Integration Acceptance Testing.

Experience that OCS developed in Rig Inspections helped us to develop and adopt the Integration Acceptance Test (IAT) or sometime known as  SIT (Simulation Integration Testing), the first company in the world to develop this procedure.

The IAT was found to be so effective that it reduced downtime on newly constructed rigs and was later adopted as an industry standard as a rig acceptance process for both Rig Inspections and newly built rigs, testimony to OCS expertise and knowledge in Rig Inspections and knowledge.


Rig Inspections will be conducted using the OCS Group Acceptance Guidelines Program, which includes testing of all equipment and systems to verify their condition and performance.

OCS has developed an inspection program that deals with only “Operation and Safety-Critical” items. This includes but is not limited to;

  • Intrusive inspections of the internal parts of specific equipment including critical measurements and clearance to ensure equipment is running within recommended tolerances.
  • Function testing, pressure testing, load testing and insulation resistance checks for all critical equipment on the drilling unit, as required.
  • Verification that the proper safety devices are installed correctly, testing that these correctly function and are correctly calibrated to prevent equipment damage and accidents.
  • Verification that the rig equipment complies with API standards, the equipment manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations and good engineering practices.
  • Verification that the rig is in compliance with the contractual requirements as provided by the client.

Rig Inspection Software

With experience that OCS gained with rig inspections OCS developed the worlds first Rig Inspection software. The software purpose is to ensure that “Operational and Safety critical items are inspected with a full record of items inspected. The software also helps improve inspection consistency and can have a continual improvement process with lessons learn over time.

All types of Rig Inspections Conducted

Below is a guide to types of inspections but not limited.

  • Pre-hire Inspections
  • Pre-selection Inspections
  • Periodical Conditional Inspections
  • Well Control / BOP Inspections
  • Specialized Equipment Inspections
  • Accident, breakdown Inspections
  • Crew Competency Reviews
  • HSE Inspections


OCS has developed a number of comprehensive proven Inspection and Audit programs that are associated with the inspection services that OCS Group provides.

Our methodology provides

  • Thorough Verification
  • Detailed Inspections
  • Testing
  • Reporting
  • Remedial Work
  • Ongoing Training
  • Process Management
  • Associated Software

By doing so the client can be assured that all essential equipment and methodologies are fit for purpose, in good operational condition and verified for compliance with international standards and requirements (Including API, Classification, National Standards).

In addition, the data gathered from the lifecycle of services that OCS offers can easily be integrated into a client’s Audit, Maintenance or ongoing Inspection strategy.


 OCS Group is the industry leader in providing 3rd Party Rig Inspections and Hazardous area inspections, with clients consistently requesting repeat services. Our technician and inspectors’ knowledge is unparalleled and we ensure that the inspection is completed to the highest standards. OCS Group completes the inspections as required based on the company strategy and appropriate Jurisdiction. Audits are typically conducted specifically for the client depending on their requirement and based on their company policies, regulations, standards, best practices and manufacturers’ recommendations.