Occupational Based Training (API and IADC Accredited)

At OCS Training Institute, we understand that a safe and qualified workforce is vital to the success of any company. OCS Training Institute’s training services address critical shortfalls in technical training and impart provide the knowledge and skills to help prepare for a competent workforce work in the oil, gas and chemicals industry.

Our programs teach critical skills and safety essentials with hands-on learning to their workforce to help assist companies operate safely and efficiently.

OCS is the region’s leading independent oil and gas technical training provider, successfully training hundreds of key engineering craftsmen each year.

OCS Training Institute course selection is one of the most varse in the oil and gas industry and includes multiple API and IADC accredited courses on the following topics. Please contact OCS Group for more information on the course description for those below.

Maintenance, Systems and Technical
Tank Inspection and Repair
Corporate Related
Corporate – Audit and Related
Corporate – Finance and Related
Corporate – HSE and Related
Corporate – Quality and Related

Recommended OCS Capabilites

DROPS Inspection

Rope Access

Engineering and Modeling

Recommended Training

Renewable Energy

Electrical for Non Electrical

Customized Electrical Safety