MCT Trac
Multi Cable Transit Tracking Software

OCS has acknowledged that Digital Technology will be the way in which future inspections and maintenance activities will be conducted due to their increased efficiency and cost reduction. By doing so OCS has introduced the first standardized approach to inspections aiding in better analysis and data analysis so that recurring problems can be identified and company or asset maintenance strategies improved.

 MCT Trac – Multi Cable Transits Software

Multi Cable Transits (MCT) is “Critical Safety Equipment” that is designed to maintain boundary integrity; water tightness, Fireproof and gas tight subdivision to prevent flooding and fires spreading from adjacent spaces.

MCT’s are required by Classification Societies and Statutory Authorities, which is inspected during their various inspections. MCT integrity and maintenance has become an important focus in recent years due to several incidences of vessels near sinking and new legislation is to be introduce to maintain registers.

Main purpose of MCT’s:

  • Maintain fire and smoke proof divisions
  • Maintain water and airtight divisions
  • Shock and vibration proof of transits
  • Cable protection and damage from chaffing
  • Sound proof of compartments

MCT Trac develops a Register of all MCT’s and the integrity of the MCT are inspected and recorded by pre-check questions to ensure their integrity is maintained.