Software to Management of local and international drops Registers

Drops Trac - Dropped Object Inspection Software

OCS has acknowledged that Digital Technology will be the way in which future inspections and maintenance activities will be conducted due to their increased efficiency and cost reduction. By doing so OCS has introduced the first standardized approach to inspections aiding in better analysis and data analysis so that recurring problems can be identified and company or asset maintenance strategies improved.

DROPS Trac – Dropped Objects Software

Dropped Object inspections are required annually to ensure dropped object risk is a low as possible. More accidents occur because of dropped objects than any other item on rigs.

Drops Trac is designed on a similar Basis as Hazard Trac and is a PDA Software system to improve inspections for Dropped Objects.

The software has all the required check lists items required, and guides the inspector to be more consistent with set fail categories and criticality so inspections are more consistent and informative.

The register is automatically developed and the inspection results analysed to help identify recurring issues and how maintenance activities and inspections can be improved.

OCS is a member of the industry leading Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme (DROPS) and has completed over 150+ Drops surveys.

‘DROPS’ is an industry-wide initiative focused on preventing dropped objects, with the ultimate goal of delivering a second nature dropped objects prevention strategy across our industry. ‘Drops’ is represented by a large number of operators, contractors and service companies along with several leading industry bodies.

OCS, utilizing the ‘DROPS’ scheme can implement and ensure a streamlined management of a previous or new dropped objects policy and procedure. OCS ensures all policies meet;

  • IADC HSE Guidelines for “Dropped Objects” and
  • API Recommended Practices Section 4G & 54 for Derricks/Masts

For more information please contact OCS or visit the Drops Inspections Section.

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