Rig Inspections – Rig Selection

OCS Group offers an asset validation or selection service called Pre-tender rig inspections. This service eliminates the time required to validate tendered rigs for the adequacy of one off and extended drilling campaigns.

This is a service for the operating company required by the drilling contractors if the contractor wants to be considered for the tendering exercise. This benefits the operator in a number of ways;

  • No costs to the operator
  • Reduces the number of approved assets involved in the tenders
  • Ensures that the qualified assets are in an appropriate condition for the operation
  • Reduces time for tender evaluation
  • Improves the capability of the rigs tendered

This is a minor inspection completed in 2 days ensuring there is no major non-compliance issues associated with the current condition of the asset, and the capability of the asset based on the proposed program.

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