Risk Assessments

The assessment of risk in its many formats is a critical part of the day to day life of the oil and gas industry. It may be a practice involving shop floor assessments, permit to work or exposure assessments concerned with those of a commercial project. The OCS team has developed their assessment philosophy based upon internationally recognized standards used by operators, clients and contractors alike.

OCS are able to offer a unique risk evaluation and mitigation process for their wide breadth of clients. The process uses established standards but places their interpretation into a practical operational concept and is based upon:

  • Hazard Identification
  • Equipment Evaluation
  • Personnel review
  • Procedure Audits
  • Coating Removal & Application
  • Limit setting identification

Assessment Team personnel will evaluate areas of potential short fall, exposure, or enhanced risk, and outline any necessary changes or risk mitigation required to meet client specifications to ensure the highest operational level of safety and a reduction of risk to the common “ALARP” standard.