Preventative Maintenance Audits – PM

Operational Health, Safety and Environmental awareness is involved in every aspect of the drilling operation. This includes routine daily tasks such as preventative maintenance.

“Safe operations are efficient operations”

OCS has developed a maintenance audit management program that aids in making your operation safer and more cost effective. This service falls as part of the Project Management Lifecycle Management Program.

Client confidence is understandably earned through conducting safe and efficient operations continuously over a continuous period of time. Utilizing a proven 3rd party maintenance management program (including inspections, remediation, auditing and training), leads to more efficient operations and increased competitiveness for your asset tenders. This service includes the following:

  • Audits and Inspections
  • Operability studies on new equipment
  • Company based maintenance systems audited for compliance
  • Rig Based audits and maintenance analysis Personnel competency assessments
  • Staff Framework Assessments
  • Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring surveys on installations
  • Stock control management
  • Vibration analysis; Thermal imaging surveys; Full NDT range of services
  • Marine maintenance and environmental impact on vessel and areas
  • FAT attendance to ensure refurbished equipment is prepared to clients requirements
  • To verify compliance with international standards and requirements

We specialize in creating customized inspection and reporting methods for almost every need, utilizing the OCS in-house process to ensure consistent results.