Electrical Audits

Personnel auditing – Knowledge and Competency

OCS Group has completed global audits for our clients for electrical area safe working competence. The agreed audit plan is discussed with the client and developed based on a detailed OCS template for the client prior to commencement. The following key items will be targeted at each stage:

  • Develop and agree the Audit Schedule and implementation
  • Review competency program’s suitability for the Client’s aims and procedures
  • Review client methodology against industry standards/regulations and identify gaps
  • Audit personnel’s knowledge and skills as identified in the competency program
  • Is there a positive match to the client’s aims, processes and procedures
  • Identify gaps between the company processes and the current skills sets
  • Data developed from audit and assessments to be collated into final findings report and submitted to client


Audit Review Process

Develop – This is where OCS in conjunction with the client determines the curriculum and programs required by the operations and maintenance teams. This is completed through evaluating job roles and responsibilities to identify required training requirements for each position. This is mapped against;

  • HSE
  • Technical (Hard Skills)
  • Business Skills (soft skills) for an asset plan
  • Competence and compliance requirements

Development of the content with consistent material and structure is completed in conjunction with the drilling contractor. This includes the developing the assessment process for individuals and teams, including documented learning outcomes.

Define – OCS Group confirms all deliverables, structure and audit requirements developed in the previous stage with the client. Once approved the project execution plan is implemented and the operation is ready to complete.

Execute – Assigning delivery, scheduling delivery, deliver and monitor progress. Where applicable, provide online applications, i.e., ELearning/ Web-Based Training (WBT).

Evaluate – The purpose of the audit is to evaluate the results for continuous improvement. This is completed by measuring performance against expectations (KPI’s) and making corrections as needed. Back in the workplace assessment as follow up for delegates.

Electrical equipment area inspections and personnel audits (Procedures Based)

OCS Group has worked directly with regulatory offices and drilling contractors to develop the most complete and advanced, client agreed, inspection process available. Our method delivers full reporting on all aspects of the inspection from the Hazardous Area Equipment Register the following:

  • Certification Records
  • Equipment location
  • ITR records
  • Corrective Action Register
  • Equipment Rectification list
  • Photography of area equipment
  • Inspection, analysis, summary reports with recommendations

The annual hazardous area inspection is described in more detail in the Hazardous Area inspections section. The reporting method can be via on line and hard copy to the agreed template. OCS can also develop and maintain your asset records so they are updated for maintenance purposes and regulatory and classification authorities. Our clients can just advise on their needs and OCS will provide that service needed.