NDT Inspections – Phase Array Inspections

Phased Array Ultrasonics were developed and largely used primarily in the medical field through the 70’s and 80’s, and refined for industrial uses in the 90’s. Industrial applications presented a greater challenge because of the vast differences in acoustic properties of materials used, along with variations of thicknesses and vastly differing geometries in the industrial equipment and structures.

Array systems are specialized ultrasonic transducer that contains multiple elements, unlike standard Ultrasonic Transducers with single or dual elements. They are pulsed separately in a given programmed pattern to produce a more detailed picture of the inspected item, even more than standard Ultrasonic Transducers are capable of.

Phased Array technology has the ability to steer, focuses and scan beams with a single transducer because of the multiple elements. This proves to be a great advantage when compared to standard Ultrasonics. The small size of the transducer and the ability to scan with  beam, or sweep the beam, without the need to move the probe allows inspection of components with limited accessibility. Focusing allows for adjustments of both the beams shape and size and also allows for greater detection of possible faults in these situations.

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