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At OCS Training Institute, we understand that a safe and qualified workforce is vital to the success of any company. OCS Training Institute’s training services address critical shortfalls in technical training and impart the knowledge and skills to help develop a competent workforce in the oil, gas and chemicals industries.

Our philosophy regarding all courses provided from the training institute is to provide knowledge and importantly competency. OCS Group delivers the knowledge & the critical skills to develop a safe and competent workforce. By delivering these essentials with practical hands on learning combined with the highest quality theoretical classroom delivery, we have become a leading global training organization. Our facility includes a 15,000ft warehouse to provide all students with hands on training, including full simulations of job scope requirements.

Our programs deliver the critical skills and safety essentials with hands-on learning to assist companies operate safely and efficiently. OCS is the region’s leading independent oil and gas technical training provider, successfully training thousands of key engineering craftsmen each year.

OCS Training Institute provides training for the following industries;

  • Oil and Gas
  • Renewable Energy
  • Industrial
  • Electrical Infrastructure

Below is an example of the training bays constructed for a customized course for an OCS Groups Operating Clients. This is for training in regards to their offshore facilities in the GOM. Similar projects have been completed globally for multiple Drilling Contractors and Operating Majors for both upstream and downstream training.  OSC welcomes the opportunity to discuss your customized training needs.

CompEx SchemeMore Information
Refresher EX01-04RDownload
Mechanical Ex11Download
Foundation Ex FDownload

High VoltageMore Information
Marine High Voltage Safety Training OCSTRI-219 USCGDownload
High Voltage Safety & Switching IADCDownload

Electrical Industry TrainingMore Information
IADC Hazardous Area Electrical TrainingDownload
Regulatory Inspections Platform (Facility) Electrical Systems Download
Electrical Safety for Electrical and Non-Electrical Personnel Download
Customised Electrical Safety and Competency CourseContact Us

Renewable Energy TrainingMore Information
Renewable Energy Electrical Safety TrainingContact Us

Industrial and Infrastructure TrainingMore Information
Electrical Safety for Industrial FacilitiesContact Us
Industrial and Infrastructure Electrical TrainingContact Us
Trouble Shooting and Competency Industrial Electrical TrainingContact Us

Rig Inspection TrainingMore Information
Rig Inspections Workshop (IADC)Contact Us

Occupational Based Training (API and IADC Accredited)

Online Training

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CompEx 01-04

High Voltage Marine USCG

CompEx Refresher