Preservation & Reactivation

OCS Group has extended experience in both preservation and reactivation of all asset types. Doing so can save companies both time, money and improve HSE over the short and long term.

If a Rig / asset is Stacked (preserved) in a professional manner reactivation will become a much easier task and take less time and expense to do so.

It is important to ensure correct preservation procedures are drafted and information recorded at the preservation stage so the equipment is correctly protected and it is known what is required to reactivate the rig / asset at a later date. Understanding the correct principles of preservation, the techniques, the chemicals  and applications are essential for successful preservation.

OCS’s procedures are detailed, listing all preservation procedures and materials used so reactivation requirements are known and can be better planned.

To reactivate a rig it is imperative to have solid commissioning background and experience. Equipment and systems require thorough understanding so that procedures can be correctly developed and the required testing can be conducted to ensure the reactivation is completed professionally.

OCS has completed over 130 commissioning projects and understand the correct process required to bring back assets / rigs in the most cost effective manner.

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