Special Periodic Survey (SPS) and System Integration Testing (SIT)

Special Periodical Surveys (SPS) – Upgrades and Maintenance

Classification Societies require differing levels of SPS Surveys to be conducted every 3, 5, 10 and 15 years. This involves detailed structural investigation and various inspections to ensure structural watertight integrity.

During the Special Periodical Survey many companies take the opportunity to plan and conduct upgrades and maintenance to major equipment during this downtime period. OCS can greatly lighten the burden for clients by either managing or assist with these projects.

Simulation Integrated Testing (SIT)

An SIT is sometimes known as an “Integration Acceptance Test” (IAT) and is usually conducted in the following circumstances;

  • As an acceptance test at the end of commissioning either new build, upgrade or after major maintenance on the drilling mud systems
  • After a period of shut down such as stacking
  • Before an oil company accepts to hire a rig
  • To Test crew competency
  • To test the integration between systems

SIT Purpose

The SIT serves several functions. It is not just a functional test to ensure the equipment is operating correctly in unison and integrating with tools and other equipment.

The SIT will help to prove the following subject matters:

  1. To test all the drill floor equipment crossing system boundaries to ensure integrate with the various tools, other equipment and systems within the drilling and LP & HP mud systems
  2. Will help ascertain the reliability of the equipment through continuous operation and cycling of functions and procedures through a set period (24 to 72 hours). Will ascertain the flow characteristics and capacity of the mud system.
  3. Will test the capability of the power and electrical systems to operate under continuously load
  4. Set baseline parameters of both temperatures and pressures for various running conditions
  5. Test the competency of the crew in operation of the rigs equipment and systems

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