OCS Group is one of the most experienced companies in the world with over 150 projects completed globally with experience in all cultural regions and shipyards.

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Project Planning – Project Trac – Improve project efficiency

A projects success in greatly dependent upon the detail of the planning.

A testimony to OCS’s knowledge and expertise is the development of our own in house project management and commissioning software.

Project Trac identifies every single task that is required, broken down to a single cable installation and testing. This detail defines the work-scope into known packages. This is currently not possible with existing systems and project schedule programs like Microsoft Project or Primavera. With this amount of detail every single work package is identified and system requirements are known.

In addition the system integrates all areas of a project including:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Technical queries
  • Piping
  • Installation
  • Mechanical completion
  • Electrical completion
  • Commissioning

This enables section leads to look across divisions to see what is holding up their start dates, “dependencies”, any problems can then be brought to the projects manager’s attention.

All outstanding work for a system, or a division or the whole project can be viewed at the press of a button and see what items have to be completed or are holding up the completion of a system or project.

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