Reactivation of an asset whether it has been properly preserved or not is a technical process that can be unnecessarily inefficient and costly if experienced personnel are not utilized for the process. Reactivation mainly involves commissioning and testing the equipment with necessary important prestart checks carried out beforehand. This is pending the preservation methods used that may have important factors on the process for reactivation. OCS Group has been active in Commissioning for over 20 years and have successfully completed over 130+ rig commissioning projects since the company began.

It is important to know the details of the preservation conducted so that the materials can be removed and equipment cleaned equipment lubricated prior to start up. As with any commissioning and reactivation it is important to ensure pre start inspections and testing are conducted prior to equipment start up.

With more than 130 commissioning projects completed OCS is one of the world’s leading companies in the world in this area. Please see our section on Project Management and Commissioning.

By using OCS Group to reactivate either your asset or the asset you plan on utilizing for an upcoming campaign, you are not only taking advantage of utilizing the experience and skills of one of the largest independent inspection and commissioning companies in the industry but you enable your supervisors to complete their job effectively. Namely this includes the Drilling Superintendents, Drilling Supervisors and Engineers, OIM’s, Rig Tool pushers etc. which allows them to focus on preparation, well engineering and well operations, logistics issues and other intensive aspects of the reactivation and upcoming campaign whilst OCS Group liaises between the drilling contractor and Operator to ensure that the asset is operationally ready for the planned upcoming campaign or well.

The process of Reactivation will undoubtedly result in new green personnel working on the asset and equipment. OCS Group recognizes this and has developed a specific technical equipment training manuals for all the equipment on board. This process includes on board training and has proven to result in a significant reduction in HSE incidences, improved operational efficiency and improved ongoing equipment maintenance of the specific onboard equipment. Please contact OCS Group more to discuss this technical onboard service.

OCS Group has produced the first operational preservation and reactivation 3rd Party Lifecycle Management Plan in the industry involving the following steps that collaborate between the operator and contractor ensuring all parties are happy with the commissioning process. All parties are capable of viewing the process virtually from the office or mobile through an OCS Groups proprietary inspection and maintenance software.

  1. Locating a Port or Berthing location for your asset
  2. Mobilization Management to location
  3. Preservation and ongoing management (If required)
  4. Full documented analysis of preservation and detailed methods for reactivation
  5. Reactivation of Asset including a final acceptance and testing program
  6. Upgrades, Engineering and Remedial Work
  7. Onboard technical training and Specific Equipment Technical Use Friendly Manuals

Operators will be interested in OCS Groups Rig Selection Process which includes the above reactivation, rig inspection and commissioning knowledge to ensure that the asset chosen for your upcoming campaign is suitable for the planned operations.

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