OCS Group Wins 80 Rig Inspection Contract

OCS Group’s Managing Director Mark Tranfield is pleased to announce it has won a “Significant” Rig Inspection Contract with ADNOC in the UAE for approximately 80 Rig Inspections for specialized equipment.

This adds further to the 3 plus two year Rig Inspection services contact that OCS won two years ago for ADNOC offshore division.

This new contract now includes both land and offshore rigs for all of the ADNOC operational rigs.

With ADNOC taking in another 15 offshore rigs over the next 12 months, this contract is significant increase if the contract size and is testimony to OCS quality of inspection services, and trust by ADNOC with OCS to be awarded the additional contract work.

The work-scope of the existing contracts include but not limited to the following;

  1. New Rig Intake Audits and Acceptance
  2. Major Maintenance – SPS, commissioning and oversite, SIT Acceptance
  3. Rig Inspection / Audits
  4. Crew Competency
  5. Accident Investigation
  6. Specialized targeting equipment audits.

“Its going to be an exciting 2019”.

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