Maintenance and Inspection Management Software

Inspection Trac

OCS has acknowledged that Digital Technology will be the way in which future inspections and maintenance activities will be conducted due to their increased efficiency and cost reduction. BY doing so OCS has introduced the first standardized approach to inspections aiding in better analysis and data analysis so that recurring problems can be identified and company or asset maintenance strategies improved.

Inspection Trac – Maintenance System Interface PDA Software

Inspection Trac is a PDA inspection system that can record inspection information for any equipment or maintenance function and automatically record associated information. The maintenance task can then be easily and quickly integrated into the maintenance system.

This process saves a great deal of time from engineers removing the requirement to manually input information. This ensures maintenance activities and the associated information required, is recorded.

Inspection Trac has the advantage over the competitors as it is capable of verifying that maintenance tasks are indeed being conducted efficiently with analytical information of information input and timing.

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