OSHA Compliance: Where Should You Start?

When learning about safety, it can be very time consuming and overwhelming with all the information that is available online. Ensuring proper safety procedures for the protection of your employees and facility are of course necessary no matter the size of your business. OSHA standards must be followed, so where should you start learning especially if you own a small business?Risk assessment checklist photo

The OSHA Compliance Assistance Quick Start

The OSHA Compliance Assistance Quick Start identifies the major OSHA general industry requirements and guidance materials that may apply to your business in 7 steps that guide you through OSHA’s website and its resources. Starting here, will help you comply with OSHA requirements, including training your employees, recordkeeping and reporting, and additional compliance assistance information among other safety compliance resources that can simplify the process.

What is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)?

Any business with one or more employees must comply with OSHA requirements. OSHA is responsible for protecting worker health and safety in the United States. OSHA determines which standards and requirements apply to which workplace environments, and then enforces employer adherence to those standards and requirements. To help employers adhere to its standards and requirements, OSHA offers training and tools to educate employers and employees.

Furthermore, employers must take a number of specific actions; those include inspecting the workplace for potential hazards, eliminating or minimizing hazards, keeping records of workplace injuries and illness, training employees to recognize safety and health hazards, and educating employees on precautions to prevent accidents.


The OSHA Compliance Assistance Quick Start will help you navigate the OSHA website and give you the necessary resources.  Safety should be a priority, and at the end of the day, business owners want to create environments where employees feel safe from workplace injuries and incidents. Keep in mind OSHA’s new compliance changes, specifically the implementation of technology. As a result, it is important to fully understand these changes so you can improve your business and work environment. Don’t stress! In addition to these resources, OSHA also provides training videos and education centers, including training in Spanish. OSHA’s  standards are pushing us in the right direction, but we must also remember that it is our role as employees, managers and leaders to guarantee that we are doing everything we can to identify and reduce hazards in the workplace.


Source: www.osha.gov

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