OCS Wins 2nd Major Rig Inspection Contract in 2 Weeks

OCS Group has won a second major rig inspection contract in the last 2 weeks to firmly lay claim to the largest rig inspection company in the world.

Managing Director Mark Tranfield is pleased to announce that OCS Group has won another “Significant” contract with Qatar Petroleum Development Co. Ltd (Japan) (QPD), for Engineering Services for Rig and Barge Inspections in support of the company’s forth coming drilling programs. The new contract is for two years and is to conduct 3rd party condition inspections prior to the units going into operations as part of the acceptance criteria of the drilling units.

This contract is the second major contract OCS has signed over the past two weeks and in further evidence that drilling activities are starting to accelerate after the recent recession.

OCS has seen a significant increase in the past months for new tenders for rig inspection services for companies planning drilling campaigns and this is promising for and further evidence of a recovery of the industry. There is no doubt that we expect further developments in our Rig Inspection business over the coming months as our reputation grows as  companies look for reassurance for their operations  with quality and thorough inspections especially after rigs have been inactive for long periods.

With extensive experience in preservation, reactivation and one of the leading rig commissioning companies in the world, we believe that we are well placed in the area of inspection and bringing some of these rigs back into service.

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We are in for an exciting 2019