Marine USCG High Voltage Safety

Houston based OCS Group has been awarded the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Marine High Voltage Safety accreditation as a Marine High Voltage Training Provider.

Houston, Texas, USA. February 18th, 2016

Following on OCS Group’s successes with Inspections, Maintenance and Technical Trainings on High Voltage Safety in Hazardous Areas, OCS Group has been formally recognized by the United States Coast Guard for their Marine High Voltage Safety training.

“There is training then there is real value added, assessed, competence training”

Led by Paul Clark Training Manager of the OCS Group has been delivering High Voltage Safety training and electrical inspections in the energy sector for 10 years. “This type of recognition is testament to the effectiveness, mission and quality of the OCS team.”

“In the Marine Industry it is recognized that the High Voltage Power System installation and inspection in hazardous areas requires the application of appropriate knowledge and skills. Across the entire industry, incidents can be avoided if individuals have these accepted applications for working in hazardous areas”.

Paul believes strongly that through the application of the Marine High Voltage training we will see a dramatic increase in the knowledge and mitigation of dangerous High Voltage situations.  This would satisfy companies’ regulatory and contractual requirements of today and tomorrow.

“Where we have High Voltage equipment in potentially explosive environments, it is simply good business to ensure that people, the environment and the workplace are protected”