Explosion Proof Equipment – Inspection & Maintenance Software

Software for Hazardous Area Equipment, (Explosion Proof Equipment), is not a new topic these days as this has been in circulation for some years.

There are many companies though that still have not adopted a software inspection & maintenance tool to assist their Statutory Inspections & maintenance activities.

There is a reason that these inspections and maintenance activities are important, they are mandatory in most developed counties, that is because history has shown that catastrophic consequences may occur if this equipment are not installed, inspected, and maintained properly.

In addition to the above, Statutory Authorities conduct inspections on this equipment and its documentation to ensure equipment is maintained properly. The local authority could shut down the facility for weeks or even months if they find none-compliance or poor maintenance as they have in the past until corrective measures have been taken. This event is even more likely if there was an incident following investigation.

Efficiency & Cost

To complete these inspections “Properly”, without inspection software is extremely inefficient and costly, and that it does not make sense and quite honestly is madness why companies would not adopt such software, a similar analogy would be like doing business without a mobile phone.  

The time to complete an “Inspection Test Record” (for each piece of equipment) which is a requirement by IEC 60079-17, takes time by paper, then this information must then be transferred into an equipment register and then again into a database system, either a PMS system or other external system. All this is extremely time-consuming t d manually and cumbersome especially when looking at all certification records. Inspection test sheets, drawings etc., and time is money.

All the above records are required and essential to keep in order and up to date.

Not only stating the foremost it is inspections completed by software are more accurate and it is unsafe not to have this system maintained properly with the correct records.

The efficiency of using software is probably a saving of 50% in time savings, this transferred into cost is no small matter.  In addition, the information captured by the software is readily available, extremely informative, and available at any time even remotely by the click of a button.

Digitalization is must for the future for companies to improve and compete for several reasons, cost savings, the information that it brings to manage and oversee the statistics & inspection activities, system efficiency and accessibility is enormous.

OCS was probably one of the first companies in the world to develop a Hazardous Area Equipment Software system, if not the first.

If anyone would like more information, please contact me directly as there are many more many advantages than what is stated above.

The cost for such software is not cost prohibited and in fact a cost saving.   

Software Distributors

Presently OCS are looking for companies that may wish to be distributors of our software.

Presently we do have a few companies selling the software in conjunction with their electrical equipment distribution and manufacturers of Hazardous Area Equipment, plus other companies.

Software Offer

OCS guarantees that cost to adopt this software is will not a barrier for it to be adopted.

Additional information may be obtained from the author.

Mark Tranfield Managing Director OCS Group (Singapore Division) mark.tranfield@ocsgroup.com www.ocsgroup.com