PERTAMINA: HPHT Drilling Operation and Well Engineering Training

OCS Group – PERTAMINA Course #2: HPHT Drilling Operation and Well Engineering Training


OCS Group and PERTAMINA Indonesia

OCS Training Institute (A member of OCS Group) is extremely proud and excited to have been appointed the primary provider for PERTAMINA Indonesia for their technical training needs. This continues the strong relationship OCS Group has built in the region and with PERTAMINA. The OCS Training Institute as always is committed to delivering the highest quality of training to help equip all attendees from PERTAMINA with the tools and knowledge to perform their roles to the best of their ability.


Course #2: HPHT Drilling Operation and Well Engineering Training

The second course delivered by OCS Group was to increase the knowledge of HPHT operations and Engineering to Petronas Managers and Engineers. This is the second of many planned training’s to be conducted for Petronas and again proved to be extremely successful with 23 staff members in total attending the course.

HPHT Drilling Operation and Well Engineering Training

The course addressed all of the aspects of HPHT well construction process including theories, technicalities and practicalities of drilling and completing HPHT wells. Although the activity and participation in HPHT wells have declined recently in the current market conditions some companies and regions continue to explore and produce in the difficult geological areas.

With increasing technology, more high pressure and high temperature reservoirs can now be accessed for development at reduced costs. The HPHT envelope itself is being pushed to higher temperatures and higher pressures. This course provides engineers with the fundamental challenges associated with higher pressures and temperatures and provides candidates the knowledge required to start planning and drilling HPHT wells. This course provides the fundamental challenges associated with HPHT drilling and completions throughout both the concept, design and execution phases of the well delivery process.

The course includes but is not limited to the following design and operational topics;

  • History and Defining the HPHT Environment
  • Applicable standards and guidelines
  • Geological & Geophysical Aspects of Abnormal Pressures
  • Differences Between HPHT Drilling and Normal Well Operations
  • Pore Pressures and Fracture Pressures and pressure ramps
  • Wellbore stability
  • Temperature Gradients
  • Design Considerations
  • HPHT Specific Equipment
  • Casing and tubing Design, Casing Connections
  • Casing seat Selection
  • Cementing
  • Wellheads – Wellhead Growth
  • Annular Pressure build up
  • Drilling Fluids
  • Safety factors
  • Fingerprinting the Well
  • Pit Discipline
  • HPHT Well Control and Ballooning
  • HPHT Drilling Practices
  • Stripping Practices
  • Managed Pressure Drilling
  • HPHT Formation Evaluation, logging , coring
  • HPHT well Testing
  • Extensive HPHT Fluid and Circulation Issues

OCS Group Training Institute

OCS Group looks forward to the ongoing training success as more technical courses are planned later in August. This is a fantastic achievement from OCS Group Training Institute providing valuable training globally.

Upcoming courses will include

  • Stuck Pipe and Fishing Operations
  • Well Completion Design and Operation
  • Well Stimulation and Workover Planning

If you have any requirements for any operational training please do not hesitate to contact OCS Group at or visit our new website at