Upstream 500 – 505 (API RP)

Upstream 500 505 API RP provides delegates with competency based knowledge and understanding on the 500 505 API RP terminology and protection concepts utilized in explosive areas.  Upstream 500 505 API RP course covers the preparation, installation, inspection and maintenance of electrical/instrument equipment used in explosive atmospheres.

Topics include:

  • Laws, Standards, Relevant API Recommended Practices (API RP 14F and API RP 14FZ), NFPA 70E, NEC and CFR Regulations.
  • Preparation & installation of IEC and Ex electrical equipment in explosive atmospheres
  • The inspection and maintenance of intrinsically safe and non incendive equipment and systems in explosive atmospheres.
  • Overview of Area Classifications, Class, Divisions and Zones.
  • Gas groups and temperature classes and Protection types and concepts.
  • Installation of electrical equipment in Explosive Atmospheres or Hazardous Areas.
  • Assessment and Inspection of explosive atmosphere equipment.
  • Testing, Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) and procedures.

Upstream 500 505 API uses both theoretical and practical assessments to validate a candidates core competency to work safely with Electrical Equipment in Ex Atmospheres or Hazardous Areas.

Recommended OCS Capabilites

Hazardous Area Inspection

Hazardous Area Management

Electrical Audits

Recommended Training

Industrial Facility Electrical Safety

Renewable Energy Electrical Safety

Infrastructure Competency