Level 2: Electrical Knowledge and Competency (Trouble Shooting and Competency Industrial Electrical Training)

Trouble shooting problems in the workforce forms part of an everyday requirement, and this can result in high risk activities being conducted in a high risk environment. OCS Group Training Institute understands that a safe, qualified and competent workforce is vital to the success of any company. Our services address the critical shortfalls in technical training and impart the knowledge and skills to help develop a competent workforce in the oil, gas, renewable and all industrial and infrastructure industries.

Our methodology requires delivering the critical theoretical (knowledge) and skill (competence) essentials with a combination of classroom and hands-on learning. All of the skillsets in the course have a competency section attached to them where the students must demonstrate their ability to conduct the action correctly, adequately and safely. This is conducted in OCS Groups 15,000ft2 training facility.

OCS Training Institute often develops boutique courses tailored to meet specified training needs identified by our clients. OCS has provided multiple customized training courses to all industries with exceptional feedback and tailored competency sections to suit the client.

Depending on the competency requirement finalised for the course (If it is tailored to your company’s individual requirements) it is possible that the training location be mobile and OCS Group is able to provide the training at your location, facility or industrial workplace.

This course typically has multiple detailed trouble shooting competency sections that are tailored to suit your individual company requirements and processes.

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