Hazardous Area Electrical Training (HAET-IADC)

This 4 Day course provides knowledge of industry standards (outlined by government and industry bodies) and delivers the most up-to-date, effective practice for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of electrical/instrument equipment and the protection requirements utilized within hazardous or potentially hazardous areas. Upon completion of successful assessment, delegates will receive a competency certificate accredited by IADC.

  • Course covers training to the standards IEC 60079-17, API 500-505 and NEC 500-505
  • Overview of Area Classifications
  • Gas groups and temperature classes
  • Equipment protections concepts
  • Selection of apparatus, cabling and terminations requirements
  • Inspection of equipment and systems Statutory and non-statutory requirements
  • Testing of installation
  • Management and remedial work

Recommended OCS Capabilites

Hazardous Area Inspection

Hazardous Area Management

Electrical Audits

Recommended Training

Industrial Facility Electrical Safety

Renewable Energy Electrical Safety

Infrastructure Competency