Remedial Work & Engineering

With over 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry OCS has been involved in solving many engineering problems for our clients.

Remedial work and Corrective Engineering are an integral part of the OCS Group Lifecycle and Inspection Management Programs.

OCS Group has been providing remedial work, engineering and additional technician personnel to clients to ensure any requirement whether that be:

  • Close out of Inspection CAR’s (Corrective Action Register)
  • General Engineering Work
  • General Maintenance Labor

OCS Group conducts full remedial services from qualified technicians.

This saves the client time, money, and ensures all projects are completed correctly and in compliance with local regulatory requirements. It ensures the CAR’s are completed more efficiently allowing the onboard electricians and maintenance personnel to continue specific duties without the addition of any potential requirements from the corrective action register.

OCS has the ability to integrate 3D laser scanning and full analysis to assist during the construction and upgrading. This has been used to solve complex structural issues. Using computer model analysis our engineers can solve your problems and provide solutions moving forward. This can include full 3D virtual modeling, 2D and 3D CAD modeling.

To learn more about our Engineering & Modeling Services, please click here.

OCS Group offers remedial work for all inspections and Audits. Please click the link below for more information on the inspection services that OCS Group offers remedial engineering, corrective action closeout, and management for the following services including but not limited to:

MCT Inspections – Multi Cable TransitThermographic Inspections
DROPS InspectionsRBI – Risk Based Inspections
Derrick InspectionsRope Access
BOP InspectionsValuation Surveys
NDT Inspections – Non Destructive TestingDrone Inspections
NDT Inspections - Phase Array InspectionsRig Inspections - Pre Drill

Electrical Audits
Preventative Maintenance Audits – PM
Competency Auditing and Training

Compliance and Safety
Compliance and Safety
Risk Assessments