Working safely in a potentially explosive atmospheres is crucial.
At the OCS Training Institute, the goal is to provide the training and skills essential to help companies in a wide array of industries operate safely and efficiently. One of the OCS training courses is CompEx Ex01-04, which provides the IEC Standard 60079 Parts 14 & 17, NEC 500/505 & ATEX 95 & 137 European Directives. It is including the preparation, installation, inspection and maintenance of electrical/instrument equipment used in explosive atmospheres. CompEx standards in recent years have changed quite a bit! There are many reason for this:
• New and improved methods of design and construction
• Changes of Materials
• General changes and modifications
• Changes in practices

Following the recent changes, the course utilizes both practical and theoretical assessments that are directly related to a true industry setting. It also covers protection concepts to validate a candidates core competency to work safely in explosive atmospheres by providing series of specific modules. Individual companies may and do install higher specification equipment and accessories above the levels stated during the course which provides a higher level of protection for plant, equipment, and personnel. It is essential that personnel in potentially explosive atmospheres is aware of the relevant codes of practice and has access to them.

This course is conducted by Roy Davis and Mark Anthony Coleman. Mark and Davis are technical training specialists at OCS Group, which has an unmatched commitment to safety, quality, and customer service. Roy has more than 10 years of CompEx teaching experience in the oil and gas industry as a CompEx trainer/assessor, health and safety, training consultant, lecturer, engineer, project manager, and technical author. Mark worked for top oil and gas, Petrochemical, chemical and companies carrying out ATEX (DSEAR), API/NEC site surveys as well as inspection and maintenance of equipment installed in hazardous areas. He has been teaching CompEx modules since 2013 at OCS Group. Roy and Mark are responsible for all training activities at OCS group, including Hazardous area, High Voltage, Marine High Voltage, Electrical for non- electricians and related courses.

OCS Group CompEx, IECEx CoPC, API 500-505 and HAET Training Bays

Course topics includes EX01, EX02, EX03 and EX04 modules.
•EX01 is the preparation & installation of Ex ‘d’, ‘n’, ‘e’ and ‘p’ electrical equipment in explosive atmospheres,
•EX02 is the inspection and maintenance of Ex ‘d’, ‘n’, ‘e’ and ‘p’ electrical equipment in explosive,
•EX03 is the preparation & installation of Ex ‘i’ equipment and systems in explosive atmospheres and
•EX04 is the inspection and maintenance of Ex ‘i’ equipment and systems in explosive atmospheres.

Course objectives provides the highest quality training experience.
Successful attendees enable delegates to gain the knowledge & skills to conduct installation and inspections in hazardous areas during the 5 days training. They gain the understanding of the basics of Ex protection methods and markings, installation and inspection skills and learn which activities are allowed and are not allowed with regards to maintenance and repairs in hazardous areas.

Furthermore, attendees learn through lectures, demonstrations, hands-on learning, practical exercises and discussions. They will be evaluated via attendance, self-assessment, continuous assessment, a theory exam and practical assessment tests. The core elements of skill is presented and demonstrated in a classroom environment. Practical demonstrations of skill is accomplished by the attendees. The final exam is administered via an online service. After successfully passing the JTL exam, attendees receive a certificate of the Theoretical Testing and Practical Assessments a Certificate of Core Competence. It is issued by JTL and valid for 5 years.

Students practicing on OCS Groups “Practice Bays”

Who should attend the course?
In order to be successful the course, an electrical instrumentation background, a working knowledge of electrical installation, and inspection experience are needed. Senior management, mechanical operatives, instrumentation technicians, electrical technicians, and inspection personnel can attend the Compex EX01-04 training.

In this respect, OCS Group consistently delivers these course with an unwavering commitment to the highest safety and quality standards, evidenced by IS0 9001 certification. OCS Group provides a range of services to the international oil and gas industry as well as other industrial engineering markets in its offices, the U.S., Australia, Brazil, China, India, Singapore, Kuala Lumper, and UAE.

Training & Competency

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