Engineering Technician


  • Building custom automation equipment from mechanical/electrical drawings
  • Wiring of low voltage and high voltage machine control cabinets
  • Basic machining skills (mill, drill, saw, tap, etc.)
  • Basic fabrication skills
  • Ability to read blueprints and understand measuring requirements/methods
  • Assembling aluminum extrusion structures
  • Assembling pneumatic and hydraulic manufacturing equipment
  • Installation of automation lines
  • Rigging and move manufacturing equipment
  • Engaging with Manufacturing Engineers to simplify or improve designs, then making them reality

The ideal candidate is recognized as a great collaborator and takes pride in his/her hands-on work, craftsmanship, organizational skills and attention to detail. He/She appreciates an environment where superior work is encouraged, noticed and rewarded and where individuals carry tremendous responsibility. He/She looks forward to learning an incredible amount on the job.


  • Comfortable reading mechanical drawings and assembling per drawings.
  • Comfortable reading pneumatic drawings and assembling pneumatic cabinets per drawings.
  • Comfortable promptly and clearly raising questions and problems verbally and via email to engineers during the assembly of equipment.
  • Comfortable working in Warp system for purchase orders
  • Comfortable maintaining stocked bins of commonly used components (e.g. terminal blocks, crimps, wire) by re-ordering as necessary from vendors such as McMaster, Digikey, and Mouser.
  • Capability of working on your feet the entire work day when necessary.
  • Experience driving forklift and rigging heavy equipment.
  • AS or BS in a technical topic.
  • 2+ years relevant experience.